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Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive Product Development

Comprehensive product architecture and project planning with defined milestones and explicit deliverables are the foundations of every successful project. Even so, no project is totally free of unexpected issues. SNK brings quick and effective resolution to issues to keep your project on track.


  • Product Definition

Market Driven Product Development (MDPD) principles are applied to ensure the voice of the customer is guiding your new product definitions.


  • Engineering Consulting

Lessons learned designing products from concept architecture through prototyping and into customerís hands for over 20 years are applied to every project to eliminate risk and expense at every phase of development.


  • Invention Realization

Independent inventors benefit from SNKís low overhead structure to understand their options, from patent suitability to design consulting, in bringing unique products quickly to a target market.


  • Computer Aided Design and Engineering

IronCAD Software for product development is utilized from initial concept to enable early visualization of ideas. A seamless transition into detailed 3-D solid modeling with animations to support early sales opportunities, followed by 2-D drawings as needed and multiple file output formats fully supports the entire development and manufacturing cycle.

Sample Virtual Reality Assembly Animation (2.5mb AVI file)


  • Prototype Model Building & Testing

A network of prototype parts suppliers including rapid plastic prototypes such as SLA and SLS models is maintained. Individual parts are assembled into functional prototypes to enable product visualization, design verification and early functional testing.


  • Supply Chain Start-up Management

Rapid delivery to market ensures return on your development investment begins quickly. SNK will assist all phases of the supply chain support of new products. Ranging from objective review of potential suppliers, through supplier design reviews, design optimization for manufacturing and supplier pilot builds guarantees your product arrives smoothly to the market.


  • Performance Testing & Volume Production Start-up

Pilot units are built from first run supplier parts using production materials and processes. Pilot units are then exhaustively tested to ensure all performance expectations are met. SNK stays with your project to make sure product specifications are satisfied. Any small enhancements to the design are integrated into production release-able parts documentation.

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