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Key Benefits

  • SNK Enterprises is a unique, full service mechanical product development company...

specializing in converting your innovative ideas into real products for your target customers. Steven Kunert, the driving force of SNK Enterprises and a degreed engineer has spent over 20 years developing products and transitioning them into production. This same technical expertise and hands-on program management will be applied to your project to ensure its success.

  • Offering cost effective services, SNK Enterprises brings you a network of experts...

whose essential talents will be applied to your project at the appropriate time. Your project is not burdened with unnecessary overhead expense at any time.

  • You receive personal attention to your product development from the first meeting...

through functional prototyping and into transition to full production. A customized project plan, including product cost and expense estimates, is prepared to show you what your investment will be at each phase of the product development process. A written status report is provided at the end of each project phase along with documented deliverables to confirm accomplishments, open actions and next steps.

  • SNK Enterprises is committed to providing you a complete, functional product.

We deliver real products that meet all performance expectations cost effectively. At SNK Enterprises we stay with your project well beyond the point of providing 3-D CAD files. We make sure your prototypes function and guarantee enhancements identified during prototype testing are efficiently integrated into the final production design.

In summary, when you are ready to develop a complete product and take it to your target customers, call on SNK Enterprises:

  • SNK Enterprisesí proven experience managing products quickly from concept to production will be applied to your project.
  • SNK Enterprises ensures product designs will function as intended using extensive virtual and physical prototyping techniques.
  • SNK Enterprises remains committed to your project until high volume production is running smoothly.

We look forward to preparing a comprehensive project plan for your innovative idea.

Contact Information

Postal address
2617 Rainier Court Northeast - Cedar Rapids, IA - 52402-3332
Electronic mail
General Information: srkunert@snk-inc.com
Webmaster: webmaster@jbrsystems.com

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"Steve Kunert of SNK Enterprises brings valuable experience and skills to our product development projects. He has helped us organize our product development program by writing detailed product specifications. 


His mechanical conceptualization and design skills have helped us visualize new
products and identify flaws in our initial designs.


He helps select and test electrical and mechanical components. 


And, he has assisted us in


Rob Taylor, Program Manager;  Bob Wersen, President

Panel Components Corporation


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