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Prior to launching SNK Enterprises, Steven Kunert, President of SNK Enterprises, spent over 20 years as a Principal Mechanical Engineer developing mobile hand held, rugged computers and related vehicle and in-premise docking stations for a leading rugged computer supplier. The company is in a highly competitive industry, with extreme pressure on time to market while meeting stringent environmental parameters. For instance, the hand held computers typically were required to survive multiple drops from up to four feet in height onto a concrete surface, while operating! Additionally, units were required to survive exposure to rain and elevated temperatures for extended periods of time. Agency certification for FCC EMC emissions compliance demanded the use of extensive electromagnetic shielding in the equipment. Typical technologies employed included touch sensitive input panels over monochrome or color LCD display modules; Ni-Cad and lithium ion battery packs, removable PCMCIA storage media and many others. Steven Kunert has received 14 United States patents with many patents pending for his mechanical enclosure, user interface and mobile docking innovations.

SNK Enterprises was founded in June 1999 to offer corporate clients and independent inventors assistance with comprehensive product development.  The corporate philosophy is to provide essential design, engineering and program management services at extremely competitive rates.  Maintaining a low fixed overhead coupled with a wide array of expert business partners ensures all types of clients will get exactly what they need.

The most telling reference is that all clients of SNK Enterprises, Inc. have come back to SNK with additional projects to be undertaken.


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